Thank you for thinking of our helpers!

When the pandemic hit and we closed down our services, we spent a lot of time thinking about ways we can help our helpers and their communities. 

We started collecting ration bags and donations to ensure that they keep getting paid time off. We even closed down all our offices and took pay cuts to do our part but how could we save them from the virus itself?

We started sending them broadcast messages on hygiene and disinfection but did they even have access to sanitizers. That's when we decided we could do our part in containing the virus by leaning on our helpers to help make sanitizers and masks and distributing the products in their community, free of cost.

In order for us to defeat the virus, we need to make sure that each and every member of our community is disinfecting, maintaining social distancing and keeping themselves safe. We ask you to help us ensure that the virus is contained in our helper community. 

Here’s how you can help:

Protect a Family: Rs. 1,000 (5 sanitizers + 10 cloth face masks)
Protect a Neighborhood: Rs. 5,000 (25 sanitizers + 50 cloth face masks)
Protect a Community: Rs 10,000 (50 sanitizers + 100 cloth face masks)

(Sanitizers are all 60ml bottles)

When sending in the donation, please mention what you would like it to be used for. Unmarked donations will go as cash disbursements to helpers.

Every bit helps!

Rs. 1,384,000

Donated of Rs. 1,700,000 target

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