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Professional Disinfection Services

What We Offer?

  • Professional anti-viral & anti-bacterial disinfection of all residential and commercial spaces.
  • Disinfection service ideal for homes and offices that have recently been exposed to a COVID-19 patient.
  • Area sprayed with Virocid solution, an imported hospital grade disinfectant, recommended by WHO & EPA.
  • Professionals wear Full Body PPE (Coverall hazmat suit, glove, masks, shoe coverings).
  • Disinfected space can be used 30 minutes after the service.
  • No pungent smell after the disinfectant has been applied.
  • Backed by Mauqa’s excellent customer service and over 75,000 hrs of experience.

For the safety and security of those around you

There is currently a global focus on having home and work spaces regularly disinfected to remove any viruses or bacteria that may be present. Keeping this in mind, Mauqa Online has recognized the need for a professional, yet affordable disinfection service in Pakistan. 

Mauqa Online’s disinfection service will ensure any virus or bacteria present in your house or office is exterminated. However, we do advise regular disinfection (at a minimum, every 2 weeks) to ensure any virus or bacteria brought into the home or office from external sources is eliminated before it can cause any physical harm to you or those around you. This is why our disinfection service is provided at an affordable price - so you can rest safe knowing your home or office can be regularly disinfected at a rate that fits your budget.

‍Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi Disinfection Service charges

Commercial rates:
Rs 3,000 for first 1,000 sq ft
Rs 1 / sq ft for all additional areas

Residential rates:
Rs. 3,500 for 2 bed flat
Rs  5,500 for 10 marla or 1 kanal (1 portion) or 3 bed flats
Rs. 7,500 for 1 kanal (2 portions)

We also disinfect apartment complexes & large outdoor spaces.

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